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Here's What You'll Learn In This Program...

Learn How To Overcome Fear and Nervousness And Create Complete Confidence in a Moment!

"Pete has trained my mind and taught me to use certain anchors and techniques like a mental power switch"

How To Have the Same Belief System the Pros Have With Absolute Belief in Yourself!

"Pete has taught me tools to be total self confidence in any situation. I can't say enough good things about this program!"

How to Take Your Game To Another Level by Feeling Calm & Certain in The Biggest of Games!

"Not only has Pete changed the way I think and perform on the ice, but the way I act in everyday life!"
Beck Warm - Carolina Hurricanes Organization

What you see in the above video with Goalie Mindset Power Graduate and World Junior Gold Medalist Joel Hofer is a small taste of some of the exercises I'll take you through in Goalie Mindset Power.  

Here's A Sample Of What You Can Expect from This 30 Day Program...

  • Learn how to create COMPLETE CONFIDENCE in a moment!
  • Gain absolute BELIEF in yourself!
  • ​Learn to RESET from mistakes with TOTAL CERTAINTY!
  • ​How to get the EDGE in future try outs!
  • ​Learn how you can FEEL CALM and CERTAINTY of success in big games!

Join The Program And Get Your Mental Game On!

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90% Of Your Success in Hockey and Life is Mental.

From: Pete Fry

"The Goalie Mindset Guy"
Dear Goaltender,

In this program I'll teach you how to create the Anchors I teach Pro goalies, allowing you to access the Exact Feeling you need to play your best.

Confidence and consistency are a must, if you want to be an elite goaltender.

And I will be guiding you through the same Game and Career impacting visualizations that I take my Pro Clients through.

These critical mental skills are what give you that competitive edge!
"Pete has taught me techniques for a game to be confident and consistent"
Imagine how great it will feel to step on the ice knowing you are going to win, having that incredible feeling of total confidence, before you even make a save.

You simply know you can – and will – stop the puck and win the game.

You know it, your team knows it, and the other team senses it too.

That’s the ultimate sense of confidence.

it's time to decide.
how powerful do you want your goalie mindset to be?

So, Here's What You Get...
The Goalie Mindset Power 30 day program is the real deal when it comes to strengthening your mindset for life.

  • Instant Access 30 Day Audio Program - Each day broken down into actionable steps. 
  • Instant Access, Downloadable, 125 Page Workbook - Helps you retain & implement what you learn. 
  •  Instant Access, Downloadable, Motivational Posters - Mental stimulus to help with quick wins. 
  • ​​​BONUS: Nightly Goalie Affirmations Sleep Audio. 
  • BONUS: 1 Visualization Transformation Session with Pete 
If you want to get your mind right and start building a successful goalie career, then this is the program for you...

Need More Information Before You Make Your Decision...?

Each audio chapter approaches a different aspect of your goalie mindset, including:

Day 1 Part 1: Get acquainted and learn the best way to get the most out of Goalie Mindset Power Program.

Day 1 Part 2: Setting The Record Straight on Your Chances To Play in The Leagues Where Only The Best Play. Learn why the odds of you playing in the leagues where the best play are in your control and not anyone elses.

Day 2: How to Think Big! Learn the keys to thinking big for a goaltender. Learn how it is more important for you to think big than to be big.

Day 3: Predict Your Future By Picturing It. In this day you will get crystal clear on your future and learn how to put that into action to help get there.

Day 4: How To Have and Keep A Growth Mindset. In this day you will develop a growth mindset. One that will empower you to constantly improve no matter what the circumstances.

Day 5: How To Have A Terminator Persistent Mentality. In this day you will develop an ability to persist through any type of adversity.
Day 6 and 7: Goalie Skills Visualization, Here you will be guided through a visualization designed to bring your goalie skills to the next level.

Day 8: Developing and Keeping Pro Goalie Beliefs. In this day you will develop similar  of the best goalies in the world.

Day 9: The Secret To Being Totally Confident. This is the confidence class they didn't teach you in school. You will learn to become "Totally Confident".

Day 10: How to use anchoring to bring you confidence whenever you need it. Learn a technique that I teach my pro's. Learn to use a technique to bring you the utmost confidence immediately no matter what the circumstances.

Day 11: The Power of Visualization. Here you will learn to continue to become 23% better consistently through visualization. Learn the best visualization techniques and how to apply them to elevate your goalie career.
Day 12: Goalie Career Planning Session. In this day you will be taken through a session to plan your Goalie Career.

Day 13 and 14: Pre Game Visualization, a guided visualization for your games. You can listen to this before each game to help you feel totally confident before the puck even drops.

Day 15: Season Planning Session, on this day you will plan out your season.

Day 16: Training Camp Preparation Session. On this day you will plan out your training camp or try out so you show up prepared and give your best performance.

Day 17: The Power Of Why To Help You Stop More Pucks and Move Your Career Forward To The Next Level. Learn how to Apply the Power of Why to Drive Your Goalie Career Forward.
Day 18: How To Overcome and Reset From Not Coming Up With A Save. Learn a powerful proven reset system so you feel just as confident after you don't make a save. You will be totally ready to make the nest save.

Day 19: Dealing With A Negative Coach. Not every coach will be positive. Learn how to get the most from even the most negative coaches.

Day 20 and 21: Hero Visualization, a guided visualization helping you tap into the powers of your superhero goaltender(s).

Day 22: Pre Game Preparation System. A proven system to prep for your games. Use this to get ready to have your best games.

Day 23: Power of Keeping A Journal. On this day you will learn how to journal as a goalie to learn from your performances and help your future performances be even better.
Day 24: How To Love The Puck and Never Be Puck-shy. The one thing that can knock a goalie off track is being scared of the puck. Learn how to deal with that fear here and learn how to actually love, absolutely love getting hit by the puck.

Day 25: The Importance Of Who You Surround Yourself With. Learn the importance of who you surround yourself with and how to apply this to bring your game to a higher level.

Day 26: How to have the mindset in practice that will allow you to excel in games! There are no accidents. Practice with a purpose to become a pro.

Day 27 and 28: Pro Goalie Mindset Visualization. Great visualization helping you develop a Pro Mindset.

Day 29: How to focus and concentrate in order to win the toughest, highest pressure games! Learn how to focus in your games. Imagine the difference in your game when you learn to concentrate at a higher level.

Day 30: You are Just Getting Started! Learn that this may be day 30 of the 30 day program but it is not the end. Many pro's do this program consistently at least twice per year.
GET The MentalITY OF Champion Goalies!

"Pete's been instrumental in really realizing my potential.."

I've been working with Pete for the past 3 years.

Pete's been instrumental in really realizing my potential.

I think when I first met Pete I didn't really realize what I was capable of.

Pete set a direction for me. Put me on a path and helped me achieve!

I really do believe my best years are ahead of me due to all the work I've done with Pete. All the of ice work.

Can't say enough good things about the program and working with him.

Really excited about this upcoming season.

Jeff Glass


Beck Warm

WHL All Star

"I feel I now have a massive edge over other goalies since taking this program"

"Hey guys Back Warm here from the Tri-City Americans in the Western Hockey League.

Since I started working with Pete last May, I've been able to take my game to a whole other level.

I always knew how important the mental side of the game was, but never truly understood how powerful the brain is.

Not only has Pete changed the way I think and perform on the ice but the way I act in everyday life.

If you get the chance to work with Pete I highly suggest you take it!"

Goalie Mindset Power isn’t just about winning hockey games, it’s about winning over the course of a career and a lifetime.

You’ll develop the ability to set and achieve short-term and long-term goals, plan your season and career, and prepare for tryouts with total confidence.

What you learn with Goalie Mindset Power will make you a better goaltender for sure, but it will also make you a stronger and more successful individual, on and off the ice, for years to come. 

Thanks Again, and we're SO excited to see you in this program!

Pete Fry

The Goalie Mindset Guy

Hear what one of the very best Goalie Coaches in the World says about Pete and Goalie Mindset Power 30 Day Program...
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